Terms of Service

I: Terms of Service

By using, browsing, registering or purchasing our services, you agree to these Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy defined within this article by ioTheory(Hereby mentioned as ioTheory). ioTheory reserves the right to cancel, suspend, or terminate any service provided with or without a refund, notice or warning for any reason. ioTheory reserves the right to change, modify or update the Terms of Conditions, Privacy Policy or Acceptable Use Policy at any time with or without any prior notification to the clients. It is the client’s sole responsibility to check the Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policies at regular intervals to check for updates or changes that may have been made.

II: Data Storage and Integrity

All servers are protected against issues and are backed up consistently to the best of ioTheory's efforts. ioTheory cannot guarantee any data integrity. Clients are responsible for storing their backups in a separate location in the event our data becomes lost, corrupted, or inaccessible. ioTheory is also not responsible for any service outage caused by any reason, ranging from natural disasters, service provider outages, or corruption of mission critical data. Although ioTheory tries with full effort to perform with 100% uptime, we are unable to guarantee it.

III: Payment

All payment invoices are generated 10 days before payment is due. Failure to pay by the due date will resort in suspended and, ultimately, terminated service. Late payments are subject to a 10% late fee. ioTHeory reserves the right to terminate your services at any point after your invoice is overdue and will not be responsible for any data that may be lost after termination.

The company reserves the right to deny or provide refunds for provided services with or without reason. Refunds will be provided upon the company’s discretion. Termination without refund is guaranteed to take place if the client does not conform to the Acceptable Use Policy.

If the client creates a PayPal subscription to pay for his or her service(s) with ioTheory, the client is responsible to cancel that subscription when he or she no longer wants service. ioTheory will not be responsible for handling or refunding any transactions that take place after the client has canceled his or her service with ioTheory in the event that the client fails to cancel the related PayPal subscription.

Any threat of legal action against ioTheory will result in immediate account and service termination without refund. Any disputes or chargebacks filed against our payment gateways will place the client’s account in bad standing. Accounts in bad standing may be suspended or terminated at the discretion of ioTheorywith or without notice.

IV: Acceptable Use

ioTheory allows for unlimited data storage and unlimited bandwidth across all hosting services. We do, however, monitor for network performance. If your server, service, or otherwise is impacting ioTheory's ability to provide for other clients, we reserve the right to require you to upgrade service, or require you to moderate your usage of the service, or, in some cases, other instructions will be given. In the case that neither of these actions is taken, ioTheory reserves the right to suspend or terminate service without warning. Other reasons for termination of service include abuse of services, such as using services for unintended uses. ioTHeory will also uphold and enforce the EULA (End User License Agreement) of Minecraft, as written by Mojang AB (Viewable here) (NOTE: WE WILL NOT BE DISCONTINUING SERVERS BASED ON "GRAY AREA" TOPICS such as donation ranks UNTIL WE HAVE FURTHER INFORMATION FROM MOJANG. Please read updates from here).  For this, ioTheory will also ask the client to take corrective actions immediately. If the client refuses or delays beyond one week (7 days) in responding to the request, ioTheory reserves the right to terminate service without refund or warning, and also remove your data associated with the service from our servers.