About our company

We are going through a reorganization. For info please contact us via info@iotheory.net

The Technology

Powerful Servers

We deploy powerful servers that effectively balance cost and performance in order to offer the highest quality we can deliver to our customers.

Powerful Stuff

We utilize servers with Intel Xeon processors, ECC Ram, Enterprise Hard Drives & SSD's, and RAID arrays to protect your data and ensure uptime.

Best Software

We are commited to using and configuring the best software available.

Amazing Datacenter

We choose to own our own hardware and rent some datacenter space. Some hosting companies only rent their servers, but we cut out the middleman and we own our own hardware. This means we can set up custom solutions for our clients much more easily and makes upgrades and maintenance much easier.

Fast Network

We're hooked directly into the internet at high speeds through multiple Teir 1 providers including Level 3 and Cogent Communications with a local network powered by Cisco hardware.

Reliable Power

Servers are always online, even if the power goes out. Even though Colorado Springs doesn't get many disasters, even if the power goes out, banks of batteries and standby generators are ready to take over powering our infrastructure.

Online Administration

Each server comes with it's administration interface, giving you complete control of your services. You can completely manage your settings and configurations for your services without relying on us to do it for you.


Online panels mean you can manage your services from any computer, without having to download anything. Just log in and everything you need to manage your website or server is all right there

Encrypted Comms

We employ multiple encryption methods to ensure your data stays secure. We use SSL for web-based communications, SSH for server management, and we employ the use of a strict firewall between the internet and your data.


Our servers are located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, US. This is a spot that's smack dab in the middle of the country, meaning pretty good ping times no matter where you are. The United States is also a good spot between Australia and The UK, meaning that everyone will get about the same ping times to the server no matter which end of the globe they are on.

The other advantage of having a datacenter in the middle of the country, is that there are very few things that can bring us offline. There are no hurricanes, floods, or even tornados in the area, the worst we get is the occasional snow storm. Even if power goes out, there's generators on standby to keep us going.